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Last updated on January 5, 2006

Milly My wife found a wonderful stray Cocker Spaniel, nicknamed (by my wife) Milly. If this is your dog, please go to the Nebraska Humane Society and get your adorable dog! Here's a link to her page.
Past news:
"Joey IS getting better!"

Useless Random Fact

Lexi likes to eat soap

Lexi was our 11 year old Golden Retriever. She's considered "my dog" because I didn't know my wife at the time I got Lexi.

Lexi is also the main topic of this site for the same reason. I've taken Lexi to school, taught her some tricks, etc. I consider myself her daddy.

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Joey died on March 8th, 2008. She was 5 years old and died from kidney failure.

Joey was our 5 year old Pomeranian. She was a gift to my wife for Valentine's day and her birthday. (Joey cost a little bit more than Lexi, so it had to be considered a gift for two occasions.)

Joey didn't know any tricks but was great at giving "fuzz therapy". Joey's full name is "Jocelyn Pooh Bear Koch". (Yes, it's a girl!) Her father was Pooh Bear -- or something like that.

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I have so much love for my dog that I wanted to share it! I contacted GRRIN(Golden Retriever Rescue In Nebraska) and they gave me dogs to foster!

First there was Kipper...
Then Lucky...
Then Daisy...
Then Glory...
Then George!

My household grew by one recently, so I haven't fostered for awhile. I try to support GRRIN whenever I can, which isn't a lot these days.

As always, GRRIN needs foster homes! If you can help, please contact them! 402-330-6680


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