Our "Second" Foster Dog



Lucky is our "second" foster dog fromGRRIN.  She is a VERY energetic three-year-old!

Let me tell you more about Lucky.  Lucky's previous owner was a bar hound who had to be locked up to detox.  He called his ex-wife to ask her to take Lucky (which was a violation of his restraining order), but she had allergies and decided to call GRRIN.  That's where Adam, Christi, and Lexi came in.

After a few mishaps during her first few days at our house, Lucky has settled in wonderfully.  We had considered keeping her, but after chewing up Adam's good glove, we decided that she needed da boot.

Lucky loves to fight with Lexi and can often be seen chasing Lexi around the back yard.  Let's just say that Lucky literally gives Lexi "a run for her money" (or dog toys. whichever the case may be).  Its often difficult to predict who will get to balls first when playing fetch.  The two dogs love to carry toys around together in their mouths, which is ADORABLE!!!  (kinda makes you wonder what Lexi would look like if she had a siamese twin)

We have discovered that Lucky enjoys climbing.  First of all it was couches.  You could tell that she knew that she wasn't supposed to be up there, but she would curl up in the corner and hope that no one would notice.  The second climbing victory for this fiesty little female was our table on our deck.  For the past couple days she has climbed up on top of this table to play "Queen of the deck".  She's thinks she's pretty tough stuff, but Lexi just thinks she's crazy.  (But its a good photo opp.)

Lucky looks very similar to Lexi.  She's a little bit more red in coloring and about 20 lbs lighter, but many people have looked in awe and said "How do you tell them apart?!"  And may I say now that having a "Lucky" and a "Lexi" in the house is extremely confusing.  Many times I hear Luxci coming out of my mouth.

Our most challenging part of fostering Lucky, besides the name thing, has been kennel training her.  For the first few days we had to bride, shove, or drag her into the kennel, but things are getting better.  Now, for the most part, she'll go into her kennel when instructed, especially if she knows that it is time to go to bed. 

 Speaking of bedtime . . . Lucky is the first dog that we have ever seen sleep on her back with her legs in the air or curled up against the side of her kennel.

For more pictures, check out her albumhere!