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I am a golden retriever. I was born on November 25, 1999.

I've grown up a little (no more "accidents" on the floor!) but still quite rambunctious!

Here are some recent pictures of me:

For more pictures, check out my gallery!

A couple of months ago I was running up the deck to the back door when my paw slid and I got a splinter! It went through one side of my pad and out the other. It hurt a lot! The vet said it was the biggest splinter she has ever seen! Since it was so big, they had to put me under to remove it. Here are some pictures taken right after surgery.


As a puppy I used to get into a lot of trouble! My owner took me to puppy preschool, which not only taught me good behavior, he learned how to take care of me. Plus I got to see all my friends! I think Daddy wants me to go back so I learn to come when he says!

This is what I learned at puppy preschool:

This is what Adam learned at puppy preschool:

This is what I looked like as a pup:

After puppy preschool I took an obedience class.

This is what I learned at obedience class:

Hopefully I'll come back and update this, but I'm a busy dog! Sleeping, running around in my new yard chasing rabbits...