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My first foster dog



Kipper was my first foster dog from GRRIN. He was a wonderful dog and we'll miss him!

Let me tell you more about Kipper. Kipper came from a family with a new baby and they didn't want to deal with all the dog hair. I can't understand getting rid of such a wonderful dog! The previous owners also overfed Kipper and he was obese when we got him. He went on a diet and is started to slim down. The extra weight used to give him problems climbing stairs, but after we got him he has got much better about the stairs.

Kipper loves to be petted and will force his nose in some not-so-nice places, so you have to be careful. :) He also loves to be brushed.

Kipper has allergies which irritate his skin. After some tests to figure out what he's allergic too, we've switched him to some allergy food. Hopefully after the food kicks in (up to 2 months!) his skin will get better and he won't have dandruff.

Kipper is a sweet and gentle animal, but knows how to play! He will wrestle with me and Lexi and loves to fetch, but Lexi usually beats him to it!

Kipper is the first dog I've seen that dreams! He barks in his dreams! It's cute. Speaking of barking, he rarely barks, which is really nice! (Lexi is real quiet too.) Kipper is also the first dog I've seen that tries to bury his waste. It's funny to see him kicking up the grass!

For more pictures, check out his album here!