Our Fourth Foster Dog

We didn't have Glory long enough for me to even get info about her up here!

Yes, Glory's gone. Not dead, no! She found a loving home. Just when I was getting attached. Wait, that happens with all the dogs.

Glory was an energetic little girl with lots of curiousity and lots of love to share. Whenever you got home, or even woke up in the morning, her tail would wag so powerfully that her whole behind would move! The song Christi made for her was "Rump! There it is!", as sung like "Whomp! There it is." I had to be strange and put a slight twang on it.

Glory came from a home where she was tied up for hours upon hours to a clothes line. She couldn't reach the fence because she used to dig herself out. She must of be pretty bored and just wanted to go play with the neighbors! She started to dig once when she was with us, but probably because of habit.

Glory didn't like the crate at all! She actually bent and pulled the bars so I had to do some "work" on the crate. And when she did make it out, she had 2 accidents.

Christi and I had to leave for a weekend and GRRIN put Glory into a nice home with kids and another dog. Well, Christi and I get home to hear a message that the family wants to keep her! I was so happy! The family seemed like a good match.

For more pictures, check out her album here!