Our Third Foster Dog

Daisy is our third foster dog from GRRIN. She is a sweet, curious, and sometimes troublesome medium-red, 70 lb. three-year-old female.

Daisy was taken to a vet to be put down. The previous owners didn't have the money to take care of Daisy, but also didn't want to take her to the Humane Society because they didn't know if she would go to a good home. The vet told the previous owners about GRRIN and they decided to surrender Daisy to GRRIN.

Daisy was in horrible shape and spent a week at the vet. Her skin was bad, her thyroid was off. She also was spade while at the vet. Then, Christi and I took her home.

She's doing great with our other dog. She likes to dig, but luckily only in the mulch, and so far not where any flowers are planted! She use to jump up and bark when I would give her a treat, but I've gotten so she'll sit nicely. She has the cutest way to let you know when she wants out; she lifts a paw and knock on the door. It's cute! She likes to lay down with her back paws stretched out so her stomach is flat on the ground. Kinda silly! She is quite a beautiful dog after the bath and mulitple brushings. (She had a lot of hair to be brushed out!)

I guess GRRIN has a list of people waiting for a female, so it won't be long before she's found a permanent home...

For more pictures, check out her album here!